What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines
Qatar Airlines is a young company that launched its first flights just 20 years ago. At the same time, they have been on the top positions of the world’s ratings for almost 10 years.

This airline company provides economy, business, and first class seats. Even the economy class cabin has comfortable seats, which are an excellent choice for long flights. At the same time, business and first class suites offer much more private space, service, and comfort.

Therefore, you may be wondering if there is a lot of difference between business and first class at Qatar Airways. We will describe them in our article, and also point out the similarities between these two types of seats.

Types of Qatar Aircrafts

Qatar Airways is a young company established in 1997, therefore it operates modern and high-technological aircraft.

There are five major plane categories in the Qatar Airways fleet:

Airbus A380

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

A380 is one of the biggest airplanes worldwide. The Qatar airlines have ten of these giants in their fleet. This plane provides economy, business, and first class options. You can choose from 48 business class or 8 first class seats available on A380.
In the business class, you will find seats with typical reverse herringbone 1-2-1 arrangement. They have many high-tech features and can be easily transformed to flat sleeping position.
What is more, A380 is the only one Qatar Airlines plane that, offers first class seats. So, if you want to travel with the highest level of comfort, it will be the only option for you. We will do a detailed Qatar Airways first class review a little bit later.

Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787-8

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

Both planes offer business and economy options for travelers. While A350 provides 36 business class seats, there are only 22 available on the B787-8.
These two types of planes offer similar services. The business class seats are comfortable and well-designed. They are arranged in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone pattern to provide more personal space.
On the A350 plane, you will also have access to the walk-up bar. It is situated in between the two business class cabins and creates an open and spacious atmosphere. On the other hand, the travelers who have nearby seats can perceive this as a lack of privacy.

Airbus A350-1000 with Qsuite business class

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

Some of the A350 planes belong to another category thanks to the differences in the business class cabin. They are equipped with comfortable and private business class seats, which can be closed by sliding doors. In addition to classical business class features, Qsuite provides you with personal space that you can organize according to your needs. For example, a pair of central seats can be transformed into a double bed. Moreover, there is an option to create your own quad conference space, which is amazing for those who travel with company.
Notice that A350 provides only economy and business class options. There are 46 closed suits in the business class on this plane.

Boeing 777 with Qsuite business class

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

Qsuites are available on some B777 planes as well. They provide the same service for business class as the previously described A350. Onboard, you will get a private closed suit equipped with transformable seats. These suits can impress you with ergonomic design, which leads to the combination of comfort and high-technological features.
Similarly to A350, B777 planes offer only economy and business class options. There are 48 business class seats on the board.
B777 planes serve many US flights, while A350 is available for travelers to London. However, only a small percentage of these airplanes is equipped with Qsuite, so you should check it in advance.

Older planes (B777, A330, A340)

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

We have grouped these planes in the same category because all of them offer a little bit outdated services. Neither of them provides first class seats; however, they do offer business and economy class options.
There are 42 business seats on B777, 30 on A330 and 24 on A340. They all have 2-2-2 configuration, therefore the passengers have less personal space. At the same time, the seats are comfortable and can be transformed to become a sleeping place.
Notice that regardless of which plane you are flying, you will still enjoy the same high-quality service.

Qatar Airways Business Class

Time for a short Qatar Airways business class review.

There are three types of cabins in business class: closed Qsuits with great privacy; reverse herringbone arranged seats; and seats laid out in 2-2-2 configuration. The last option is a little bit outdated and you can feel a lack of personal space; however, all seats are extremely comfortable and well-designed.
Regardless of which plane you use, with the business class, you will receive an access to business lounges at the airport and excellent service on the board.
The dining options are fantastic and can be combined with selected beverages. What’s more, you will receive luxurious Italian amenities by Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio. The seats can be reclined into a flat sleeping position, and the airline will provide you with anything you require for comfortable sleep.
The combination of all these features became the reason why Qatar won The World’s Best Business Class award in 2018.

Qatar Airways First Class

Currently, only A380 planes are equipped with a first class cabin. However, if you choose Qatar’s first class for your travel, you will receive luxurious experience during your flight.
You will start enjoying the world-class service at the airport, where you can wait for your plane in the exclusive lounge. We need to mention that Qatar Airways was awarded for the best first class lounge in 2018.
Onboard, you will have an extremely comfortable seat designed to satisfy your every need. It is equipped with a wide screen for entertainment and many storage cases.
Your flight will start with a cup of amazing Turkish coffee. During the flight, the staff will offer you exclusive cuisine for dinner. Luxurious table linen, china, and silverware will recreate the atmosphere of a great restaurant.

Main Features of Qatar Airlines

In recent years, Qatar Airways has been one of the top airlines in the world. Let’s do a short Qatar airways review to understand the reasons why they are so successful.
The main reason is that Qatar Airways provides high-level services to all passengers regardless of the type of ticket. Even economy class travelers can enjoy comfortable seats, great food, and in-flight entertainment library. If you travel first or business class, you will benefit from extra features and receive more attention from the airplane staff.
Finally, your journey will be incredible and safe because Qatar operates a modern fleet with cabins equipped on the highest level.

Business and First Class Differences

We have compared business and first class services to show you the differences between them.


What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines 1

In the business class, you will find comfortable folding seats. Depending on the plane, the seats will have a different arrangement; however, all of them are created to make your journey comfortable. The seats are wide (55 cm) and have a lie-flat setup.
What’s more, modern Qsuits have a folding door, which creates a more private atmosphere during the flight. These suits are well designed and therefore can be a real competition for first class seats.
In first class, passengers can enjoy large and comfortable seats. They look elegant and can be transformed into fully flat beds. Every seat is equipped with functional counter space, a folding dinner table and even an ottoman to enjoy the meals together with your partner.
On the other hand, the first class seats are open, therefore they feel less private than Qsuits.


What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

As we have already mentioned, the service standards at Qatar Airlines are very high. The airplane crew will put every effort into making your flight enjoyable regardless which class of seat you have.
Speaking about business class, the flight attendants will support you during your journey. They will offer hot towels, provide you with water or other beverages, all the while remaining helpful and patient.
Same features are available for the first class passengers. However, the first class will grant you some extra services. For example, the flight attendant will offer you a cup of amazing Arabian coffee at the beginning of the flight.

Food + Drink

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

The dining services are amazing at both business and first class. The Qatar Airlines use flexible a la carte approach to serving dishes. You are free to choose any meal at any time you want.
There are not too many differences between the dining options for business and first class. They are diverse and usually include some local dishes. The meals will be served on great china to make you feel like you are at a restaurant.
However, the first class passengers will still receive more. The first class menu will provide you with better wine selection. Moreover, the first class dinner also includes a caviar course.


What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

Passengers of both first and business class will receive comfortable 100% cotton pajamas, slippers, and luxurious amenity kits. If we are talking about A380, the amenities, headphones, and bedding are identical.
The amenity kit, created by an Italian company Brics, contains a typical set of facial cosmetics. Another Italian brand, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, exclusively creates all toiletries for Qatar Airways. Besides, you will receive flying socks and an eye band for better sleep.
The flight attendants will also provide you with a pillow and a blanket for comfortable resting. To guarantee the best comfort, the flight attendants will help you to prepare your seat for sleeping.


What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

The business class cabins are equipped with comfortable lavatories. They are spacious enough for any person to get changed, and equipped with additional amenities in case you need some. There are also some extra features available on some planes, such as a baby changing table. You should check for them in advance if you are planning to travel with a baby.
First class passengers have an access to the largest lavatories. They are beautifully designed and have a lot of free space. Here you can find additional amenities including toothbrushes and razors. The long couch on the one side of the lavatory gives you the possibility to sit while applying makeup.

Ground Service

What is the Difference between Business Class and First Class Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airlines provides access to business class lounges for its passengers. They have a plenty of places to sit and relax while waiting for your plane. However, sometimes these lounges can get crowded. They are usually equipped with bars only; therefore they cannot provide a la carte dining.
At the same time, Qatar Airways first class passengers have an exclusive access to luxurious lounges, such as Al-Safwa Lounge in DOH. It is beautifully designed and can provide a private place for anyone. This lounge offers much more personal service, which includes excellent dining options and complimentary sleeping rooms.

Similar Features of Business and First Class Airlines

At this point, you may have noticed that there are many similarities in the Qatar Airways first and business class.
In general, the service in the two types of cabins is identical. The only difference is the number of FAs. What is more, both business and first class passengers have an access to the onboard bar, which offers beverages and snacks.
Another similarity is that Qatar Airways provides passengers with gourmet cuisine. In both cabins, you can offer a great dinner on demand. The plates and silverware will be quite similar.
Italian company Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio provides amenities for passengers. The toiletries are identical for both cabins. All passengers will receive cotton pajamas and slippers.
The passengers will have an access to airport lounges, which differ according to the tickets’ class. At the same time, neither first nor business class passengers will receive escort service from the lounge to the plane.


Both business class and first class cabins at Qatar Airways provide excellent experience for the traveler. If you choose these airlines for your trip, you will be provided with comfortable seats, luxurious amenities, and delicious food. Moreover, the flight attendants will gladly help you with any problem you face.
Furthermore, you can start enjoying Qatar Airways even before you board the plane. Enjoy exclusive access to the lounges to wait for your flight in a comfortable space.
At the same time, first class grants you more extra features that can make your travel experience unforgettable. Choose the type of seat according to own needs. In any case, Qatar Airways have all chances to become your favorite airline.