Flying to Singapore from the USA might be either great experience or a horrible one. Depending on the quality of onboard service you might be either pleased with the flight or frustrated. Do you want to be happy with the flight? Let’s review some of the best airlines that offer their service when flying from the USA to Singapore.

What does the best Business Class airline include?

1. Affordable price.

The price is one of the most important factors why people choose this or that airline. You may save sometimes a considerable sum of money if you make a deep research of the tickets with the lowest fares.

2. Seats.

One more important element of Business Class airlines to Singapore from the USA is the quality of seats. They might be reclinable or steady, soft or rough. However, nowadays most of the airlines have updated their seats for your best comfort.

3. Food and drinks.

The food and beverages are also a very important factor when deciding which of the best Business Class airlines from the USA to Singapore to choose from. The vast majority of modern airlines cooperate with restaurant chefs to make you enjoy their cuisine the most. However, sometimes gourmets may be disappointed even with this kind of dining. Tastes differ, you know.

4. Extra features.

To stand out in the crowd of other good Business Class airline from the USA to Singapore, some of the airlines offer additional advantages such as pajamas, slippers, midnight snacks, aboard doctors, etc. All is done to draw more of passenger’s attention.

What are the evaluation criteria?

When figuring out the best airlines to fly from the USA to Singapore, these 8 factors were taken into account: service friendliness/hospitality, meal service efficiency, airport staff efficiency, seat comfort, the quantity of food, quality of meals, cabin WiFi & connectivity, and selection of meals.

Then we found the 5 best Business Class airlines to Singapore from the USA:

1. Turkish Airlines.

This carrier has routes to more than 120 countries worldwide.
– They provide their passengers with more legroom space and lie flatbeds than the overwhelming majority of airlines. What is more, all the seats have an option to give you a message, if you wish. Also, there is a possibility to connect your smartphone or laptop to your seat.

– The onboard meals can be served by flying chefs on some routes. You will have a chance to enjoy Turkish cuisine and even more international meals. For example, you can have vegetarian rice pepper roll, a grilled prawn with the smoked salmon, tomato soup, stir-fried beef, roast chicken breast, penne with the mushroom for the main plate, and also various mousses and cakes for dessert.
– The in-flight entertainment system is wide so that you will definitely find something interesting for you.
Summary: The spacious seats and a great menu make Turkish Airline one of the best airlines from the USA to Singapore.

2. American Airlines.

American Airlines is a carrier, which is one of the most widespread among others.
– Their seats are very spacious and the cabins are comfortable. What is more, there is a high wall in each seat, which guarantees the highest level of privacy during the flight.
– Speaking of dining, you have a possibility to choose chicken, beef, prawns, cheese for the main plates, and also cheesecake, ice cream, cheese plate or mousse cake for the dessert. Additionally, you are able to order some salad. According to the frequent flyers, all meats taste delicious.
– Furthermore, each seat features a personal IFE system. It has a 15-inches screen. The airlines provide their passengers with free Wi-Fi and headphones.

Summary: All things considered, American Airlines can make you have one of the best Business Class flights to Singapore from the USA.

3. Singapore Airlines.

One of the most outstanding features of Singapore Airline, is their significant seats, according to the reviews of Business Class airlines to Singapore from the USA.
– Each seat has handcrafted leather loungers, that can extend to 2 meters if laid flat. They are very comfortable to relax, sleep, and work. Besides, each seat features a non-stop entertainment program and a big LCD screen.
– The menu is gorgeous. You have a great chance to select your meal out of 60 various options. The dishes are delicious, as the passengers say.
– Also, Singapore Airlines have the award-winning service. The service is just fantastic.

Summary: Singapore airlines offer one of the most luxurious conditions aboard, according to the airlines to Singapore from the USA reviews.

4. Emirates.

This airline is for those who understand the sense of luxury. Recently, Emirates have started their routes from New York to Singapore, Milan, Athens, etc. Some flyers even compare the Business Class of Emirates to the First Class of other carriers.
– The seats are wood accented lie-flat and gorgeous leather. Besides, Emirates provide with LED mood lighting, onboard lounges, and the wall accents that are made of Ghaf tree.
– The meals are served on the Royal Doulton bone china plates, being with exclusive Robert Welch cutlery.
– There are also 23-inches entertainment centers where you can use Wi-Fi and plug your smart devices in.

Summary: Comfort and luxury are two words that perfectly describe Emirates.

5. British Airways.

This airline is very popular in comparison with other carriers. It is well-known for its fantastic service, long-haul routes, and onboard equipment. Nevertheless, this airline is ideal for those traveling with family.
– The seats are very spacious and comfortable. The service is of high standards. Additionally, you may opt for a massage, if you wish.
– The onboard menu is rather wide. The meals are very delicious. For instance, you will have an opportunity to try out British beef with the honey-roasted parsnips, Bucks Fizz, the Severn and also Wye Scottish salmon, the Cumberland pork sausages, and more. What is more, the desserts are very tasty too.
– The airline provides with many entertainment options as well. In fact, British Airways offer great discounts for its passengers.

Summary: Thanks to the high level of service and affordable prices, British Airways are considered to be one of the best airlines from the USA to Singapore.


All in all, flying to Singapore from the USA should be very comfortable because it takes a lot of time. Consequently, choosing between airlines is such a responsible moment. Hope that it cleared up for you now, which airline to choose. Wish you to have unforgettable memories aboard. Have a great day!