Want to find some best business class airlines to New Zealand from the USA? If you travel long distances, you have big goals. These aims will successfully be achieved if your small goals are achieved. What do these small goals include? It’s easy to admit that often our life is based on the small things like onboard service, the quality, and quantity of food, etc. Some airlines are ready to provide you with the best service, while the others cannot do it. Let’s focus on the carriers that can give you more than enough regarding service.

What does the best business class airline include?

1. Affordable price.

One of the most important factors when deciding which of the business class airlines from the USA to New Zealand to choose, is the cost. You should be careful at this point because if the price for the ticket is small, it may end up in the spoiled impression of the airline as a whole. The smaller the price, the lesser the opportunities you get. So isn’t it better to pay more sometimes, but get the best quality service?

2. Seats.

The seats are different on each carrier. Some may be wide, some may be narrow. It’s better, therefore, to visit the official website of the airline to get to know the width of each seat at each class. In general, the seats are prepared for ordinary-size people. Some airlines even offer legroom and massage options as a bonus.

3. Dining.

Tasty food and good drinks are very important during the flight. Moreover, sometimes flyer memorizes only these things when they step out of the plane. Therefore, the quality of dining is a must to be at the highest level on each carrier. Nevertheless, some business class airlines from the USA to New Zealand ignore this fact.
Let’s scrutinize the level of service at the airlines, according to these evaluation criteria. Ready?
Here are the most important factors that are taken into account when evaluating the airline: the seat quality, the onboard service, the friendliness of the staff, the quality of food and drinks, the quantity of food and drinks, and the level of in-flight entertainment.
Want to get to know about the 5 best business class airlines to New Zealand from the USA? Let’s begin!

1. Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is a carrier, which has been recently renowned and implemented new ideas regarding their service.
– The cabin is very light and spacious. The base of seats is on the herringbone layout. They are angled, giving you the feeling of personal space. The seats are made of leather and are 22″ wide. They can be converted into a fully lie-flat 6′ 6″ bed.
– If you travel on Air New Zealand, you will get an excellent dining experience. Moreover, you can select drinks and food from the touchscreen on your TV. If you are traveling with a company, you are able to remove the partition and dine together.
– As it was mentioned above, there is a TV touch screen where you can choose to view the latest TV series, movies, and sports action.
Summary: All in all, Air New Zealand is one of the best airlines to fly from the USA to New Zealand because you can have a great time with a company there.

2. Sichuan Airlines.

Sichuan Airlines is one of those airlines that has reasonable business class fares.
– The seats are angled, so some flyers consider them to be uncomfortable. There are power ports working, which is a plus. The pillow & blanket are at each seat.
– The big minus is that there are no menus, no food choice, and no alcohol. What is more, the flight attendants are unaware when these things will be. No midnight snacks of any kind were available.
– The amenity kit included basic things such as mouthwash, Aigner hand and face cream, a toothpaste, a toothbrush, earplugs,  and an eye mask. The in-flight entertainment is terrible, according to the passengers. There is no Wi-Fi, unfortunately.
Summary: Even though the quality of some services is not really good, Sichuan Airlines is famous for its friendly staff.

3. Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines are one of the best business class flights to New Zealand from the USA, however, they need to be upgraded.
– The seat configuration is 2-2-2. The cabin is very spacious, if not taking into account the center overhead bins. The seats are 76 inches long, however, they are quite narrow. There is a tablet holder, which can adjust to accommodate a number of devices. The material the seats are made with is leather, which is easy to be cleaned.
– Once you are aboard, you will be introduced a drink, which is nice. The crew is friendly and always ready to help. There is a wide choice of food and beverages on the menu, including alcoholic drinks.
– The number of entertainment options, however, is rather disappointing. Nevertheless, a big plus is that they provide you with an innovative technology.

Summary: All in all, the flight will be fantastic, especially for couples, according to airlines to New Zealand from the USA reviews.

4. Air China.

Air China is providing its service at rather a good level.
– The pitch of the seats is 60 inches. The fully lie-flat bed is 22 inches wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. There is a divider between the seat backs, so if you don’t want to see your neighbor, good for you. Besides, there is a spacious little armrest table that separates two passengers.
– During the pre-flight time, the passengers are offered a glass of water or juice. The meal service is rather quick, despite the staff is not really warm. There is a Chinese and Western menu to choose from.
– The amenity kit includes earplugs, an eye mask, a brush-comb, a sanitary hand wipe, a toothpaste, a toothbrush, L’Occitaine citrus body lotion, and also a lip balm.

Summary: Air China is one of the best carriers because its seats are very comfortable.

5. Quantas.

Quantas is a part of the Oneworld alliance and a frequent flyer.
– The seat configuration is 2-2-2. They are 21.5 inches of width and 78 inches of pitch. The leg section seems to sag. The amenity kits are for him and her.
– The menu includes many options like seared pollack with fennel or the tandoori chicken, a beef sandwich, and more, There is also a mid-flight menu where you can grab a snack.
– The staff is efficient, but not really friendly. The in-flight entertainment is one of the best in the sky because it offers a wide range of old favorites, recent releases, and cult classics.

Summary: Quantas is the best for those who appreciate the proper level of in-flight entertainment, according to the recent reviews of business class airlines to New Zealand from the USA.


To sum up, New Zealand is a great country to visit. No matter which airline you’ll choose, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful nature of this place, even if you travel for a short period of time. Wish you to have a great time aboard. And the last, but not least: try to be on time. Have a nice day!