For many years, the limits between the land and the sky have been nonexistent. Every year, millions of people fly to various destinations, and each passenger can choose a flight that meets their needs. Whether you need a low-cost flight to spend your weekend at the seashore or a business class airline to reach a destination many thousands miles away, you will always be able to find the best option for you.

Finding business class airlines to Korea from the USA is a common interest since it is one of those cross-continental time-consuming trips, and it is very important to find an airline that caters to passengers’ needs. We analyzed the factors that influence passengers’ choices to prepare this list of the best airlines to flight from USA to Korea.

5 Criteria for Choosing the Best Airline

When you are planning a journey, and many airlines offer their flights to the desired destination with  barely any difference in prices, how do you know what business class airlines from USA to Korea to choose? How to save yourself from undesirable experiences? To answer those questions, we have selected some criteria for choosing the best airline.

  • Safety

We are sure you agree that safety is the top priority on each flight. It is worth paying money for. Conduct brief research on whether the airline you are interested in is safe enough and has positive reputation in the airline industry.

  • Service and staff

The professionals who work on the board have the power to either make your flight wonderful or destroy your mood and the whole journey. Pay attention to feedback about the airline’s staff to make the right choice. You pay your money, so you deserve to be served well.

  • Cleanliness

It is vital to know how the plane is maintained and whether the staff is taking care of it. It is also important to see that the space around you is clean: this factor has an impact on safety as well. Besides, it’s the very first thing you can notice when boarding.

  • Prices

When you are making your decision on the choice of business class airline from the USA to Korea, prices make a difference as well. Unreasonably high costs give you high expectations, but it’s quite possible the reality will let you down.

  • Destinations

Of course, the destinations the airlines fly to is an important thing to consider as well. Even if you find great reviews on the company that suits your financial needs, it means nothing if it does not fly to the country you need to travel to.  It’s up to you to decide whether a layover flight works for you.

Top 5 Airlines from the USA to Korea

We have reviewed the most important factors to create the list of airlines to Korea from USA based on passengers’ reviews. Read on to see our top 5 list of airlines below.

  • American Airlines

This is the biggest and probably most famous airline in the USA. The services it provides are popular among natives and tourists alike.

The business class cabins meet all international standards. A 1-2-1 configuration allows picking the most comfortable seat. Forward- and backwards-facing seats meet the needs of any passenger.

Close and fruitful cooperation with chef partners allows the choice of some delicious national dishes on the flight. The comfortable and convenient service belongs to the top features of this airline.

You can easily book a flight using the American Airline website. It works seamless and fast, so your experience will be pleasant from the very moment you make the decision to fly to Korea with this company.

  • All Nippon Airlines

ANA, or All Nippon Airlines, offers a wide range of flights to Korea. Premium convenience is one of the characteristic features of this airline.

The passenger can pick a seat from the front-facing 1-2-1 configuration. All seats are close to the window, so you can enjoy the view while comfortably lounging in the 21 inch wide seats. Each passenger has access to the onboard entertainment software application and a 17 inch wide screen in disposition.

ANA cooperates with the “Connoisseur” network of restaurants. On the board of their aircraft, you can enjoy seasonal cuisines cooked by professional chefs. Additionally, you can order select wines and other beverages.

Recently, All Nippon Airlines has increased the number of planes and improved customer service considerably.

  • Cathay Pacific

Reviews of business class airlines to Korea from USA tell us quite a bit about Cathay Pacific Airlines. This company with the head office in Hong Kong won the attention of passengers and got a lot of positive feedback.

In 2011, this airline adopted a special style of seats called reverse-herringbone. There is an opinion that such comfortable seats are the main reason for their popularity. With 82 inches in length and 25 inches in width, it creates perfect conditions for a person on a long flight.

You can have a delicious breakfast, dinner or short-haul meal on board of the flight. Freshly brewed coffee and a selection of teas are also available.

The airline is a transfer partner of American Express and offers extra opportunities for the Premier Rewards Gold Card owners.

  • China Airlines

The airline has been operating for over 60 years and covers North America,  Asia, Europe and Oceania. The China Airlines made a considerable jump towards improvement back in 2014. Their new redesigned cabins deserve the 4th place in our rating.

Analyzing the seats and the comfort, we noticed that business-class cabins are fully renewed and improved. Soft comfortable seats make the trip calm and smooth. The reverse-herringbone configuration is a thing many passengers prefer.

In the menu, you can find either Chinese or Western food. The cuisines satisfy the tastes of any passenger: everything from smoked salmon to brown rice tastes delicious. You can also order a vintage wine or fresh juice at the bar on the plane.

This is the largest airline in Taiwan and it operates over 1,400 flights weekly. This is probably  one of the reasons the airline knows how to take great care of passengers’ comfort.

  • EVA Airways

This Taiwanese airline flies to more than 40 destinations worldwide.

If your personal space on board means a lot for you, pick the EVA airlines. Here, you can have enough room and feel comfortable in the reverse-herringbone seats.

Asian and Western dishes are available on the board. What is also important, you can order premium-class champagne to make your lunch between the clouds special. Former passengers have especially good things to say about  the staff, which is professional and friendly. Food and beverages are served fast and taste good.

Take note that this airline is one of the members of the Star Alliance.

Final Thoughts

We provided you with a brief overview of the top 5 best business class flights to Korea from USA. All of them are safe, convenient and reliable service provides. Each of them can make your next trip great, so make your choice based on your individual priorities.

Stick to the professional services and get rid of any hassles during your next flight!