Traveling by air means to cover several hundred or thousands of miles being enclosed in a metal premise. At the same time, the way it sounds is different from the actual experience. It means that people being on the board of a passenger aircraft find themselves in the sufficiently comfortable conditions. We mean customers who chose the most frequent option of air trip in the regular class cabin. However, those who spent twice more money for the air ticket are even in the better conditions of the flight.

Transatlantic routes cover a large share of world air transportation. According to this fact, various air companies attempt to enter this market and satisfy all customers’ needs during the flight. Today, we will make a complete KLM 777 business class review based on opinions of various customers who have traveled with this Dutch Company from the USA to the Old World.

Lounge and Check-in

Since the beginning of any air trip is an airport, let’s launch the present KLM international business class review with terms offered on the ground. First, it should be noted that the elite class product offered by this Dutch airline is called World Business Class, WBC in one word. So, the WBC customers are granted with all privileges available at any other high-class route. All you need is to find the SkyPriority lane and be checked-in for your flight by KLM personnel in a fast and friendly manner.

A lounge area is the next destination of your trip. At this place, you can spend your time until boarding. If you are lucky to travel from Houston, you can visit the Crown Lounge by KLM known as the advanced product for WBC clientage. Although other destinations operated by the airline cannot boast of the premium lounge, clientage still has everything to relax and prepare for the flight in a cozy atmosphere. Nevertheless, as much as you could enjoy the lounge area, it is time to get acquainted with the interior of KLM business class.

Seats Arrangement

Actually, passengers can encounter two versions of 777-300er for KLM business class to Europe. The first one offers a rather outdated 2-3-2 arrangement of seats, while the second one is more advanced – it has three rows per 2 seats at each. Although the second version is more convenient, it cannot be called the most advanced solution for the high-class cabin. And here is the reason.

Five rows of seats are located in the main area of the cabin while the sixth one is behind the galley. Perhaps such awkward position is subject to some structural peculiarities. Nevertheless, it is not a problem but even an advantage to get seats in the last row for those who prefer privacy. Dimensions of seats will make tall guests happy since the pitch is 63 inches. However, the narrowness of seats and the lack of direct access to the aisle for those who like sitting at the window are the main flaws of such arrangement. Another complaint marked by most guests on the board of international KLM business class flight is the footrest. It resembles a small cubbyhole with limited area for your feet. If your feet size exceeds 10, be prepared to encounter concerns. The issue with narrowness is slightly solved by metal screens between seats. Dissipated holes in these screens is another odd peculiarity.

Similar to most prominent airlines, KLM also offers an opportunity to convert seats into beds. However, bedding on the board is not as appealing as it may seem. The narrowness is the reason why your sleep can be spoilt.

In-flight Entertainment plus Amenities

Our KLM business class review 777 proceeds to another essential feature of the air journey. It refers to the entertainment during the flight. Guests will be pleased to find a huge 17” Panasonic screen in front the seat. As for the content provided by the IFE, requirements of even a sophisticated user will be satisfied with a collection of 300 plus movies and TV series available. Besides, it is not necessary to bend closer to the screen in order to operate the user interface since you can do it via the remote control.

Most of bloggers and reviewers relish the opportunity to express their opinion on amenities offered on the board. Hence, we will keep in line with this trend and expand our review of KLM 777 business class with this subtle but integral part of the flight experience. Customers of this Dutch airline are provided with amenity kits designed by Jan Taminiau. The set is compact and contains the basic belongings such as dental items, eyeshade, earplugs, socks, and a comb.

Meals and Beverages

No flight can do without onboard catering. Besides, when you travel in the upper class, menus are usually restaurant-like and the quality of service has no censures. KLM endeavors to achieve the highest level of this aspect of air travel but customers still have complaints. In fact, the service and accompanying points like tableware and chocolate box served after the main course are beyond words. However, you may find a few feedbacks on the poor taste of the very dishes on the web. Perhaps, such complaints are not more than the exception of the overall trend.

At the same time, the bulk of people who had a flight experience with KLM admit the onboard cuisine and menus designed in partnership with Jacob Jan Boerma. This famous chef has made a significant contribution to raising dining option in the sky at the highest level.


The overall impression of KLM business class to Europe cannot be called absolutely positive. It goes without saying that the company has made huge efforts to improve any aspect of air trip experience and satisfy the needs of premium customers. Nevertheless, such small drawbacks like narrow seats, restricted window places and a few negative opinions about the cuisine ruin the whole picture. At the same time, all these points of dissatisfaction can be referred to the matter of taste. In any case, the decision to use or reject the services by KLM is up to you. Make the proper choice and have the best transatlantic journey.