Do you want to have a comfy flight with outstanding service? Turkish airlines is a company that can offer you this. Moreover, there are many benefits, making this carrier one of the best in the sky. Let’s review the peculiarities of Turkish airlines, leaving you to make up your mind yourself. Ready?

Reasons to fly with Turkish Airlines

1. Turkish Airlines Business Class offer a lot of legroom.
2. There is a storage under the footrest to help you set your belongings like laptop, shoes, etc.
3. The configuration layout is 2-3-2. Besides, the front business cabin has 4 rows.
4. There are seat controls to help you feel comfortable during the flight.
5. Reading lamp makes it possible to view the magazines and books.

Benefits, according to Turkish airlines long-haul Business Class review

Turkish airlines provide with a selection of newspapers and amenity kit, including earplugs, comb, body lotion, in-flight socks, eyeshades, toothbrush, lip balm, shoespooner, and a small bag. The tray table is easy to use. Besides, there is a live TV and Wi-Fi.
The dining is great with Turkish Airlines. For instance, you may taste marinated artichoke in olive oil, roasted red pepper hummus, beetroot & wheat salad, eggplant in tomato sauce, roasted pumpkin & chickpea soup, traditional “yoghurt” kebab, spinach ravioli (grilled artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato, and parmesan). As a dessert, you may have a potpourri of traditional Turkish dessert, including “revani”, crunchy pistachio roll, pumpkin dessert, clotted cream, semalina halva, clotted ice cream.
As for beverages, you have a possibility to enjoy the Turkish coffee, juices, selection of soft drinks, wellness tea selections, homemade cold tea. Also, there are options special for kids like cacao, milk, date syrup, and carob.

Where you can fly (routes), according to a review of Turkish airlines long-haul Business Class

Turkish airlines offer flights to 230 destinations. Meaning, 119 countries are able to enjoy their service. For example, you may fly to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The countries that feature the largest number of Turkish airlines service are Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the USA, Italy, France, Iran, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.
Planes that service (types):

AircraftIn servicePassengers
Airbus A319-1007126
Airbus A321neo1182
Airbus A330-30037289
Boeing 737-900ER15151
Boeing 737 MAX 81151
Boeing 787-9300

Booking review of long-haul Business Class Turkish airlines

You can book tickets online by doing 4 easy steps on the
1. Choose the category of the route (round trip, one way, multi-city).
2. Select the places of destination, date, and class.
3. Insert ticket number or reservation code during check-in, and your surname.
4. Enter your flight number.
Additionally, you may get a last minute Business Class ticket.

Services offered

According to long-haul Business Class Turkish airlines review, there are a blanket and the pillow on each seat. You will be given a glass of champagne for a starter to begin your journey. The headphones are included too. The seat features 4 buttons to adjust if it’s not comfortable. The Wi-Fi is rather affordable aboard Turkish Airlines. The food and drinks are good, however, the choice is rather small. The in-flight entertainment is great, which can be controlled either by a remote controller or touchscreen.

Airport terminals, lounge review

The Turkish airlines’ lounges look just gorgeous, according to Turkish airlines review long-haul Business Class. There is a wide choice of desserts. It is extremely clean and cozy. The design is modern, with green plants and wooden steps. In general, the airport terminals take a little time to check-in. The staff is friendly and attentive to detail. To sum up, flying with Turkish airlines might be one of the best experiences you have ever had.

Business Class cabin review

The cabin is spacious. You will be provided with red Porsche-style seat belt for your safety. Then, you might be astonished by a great in-flight entertainment system with a large screen. Lie-flat seats are easy-reclinable and comfortable. All in all, you will definitely enjoy the Business Class cabin because it is rather new and contemporary.


All things considered, Turkish Airlines are designed for everyone who is a gourmet. What is more, the cabin and seats are made for your maximum comfort. Meaning, you will enjoy the flight one hundred percent. Wish you stay inspired by the time aboard! Have a great day!


The review of Turkish airlines long-haul Business Class defined that this carrier is perfect for picky flyers and gourmets. The service and cabin are just fantastic, leaving only positive memories. What is more, the carrier offers a wide range of routes, meaning, you can reach almost every corner of the world.