For over 90 years already American Airlines perform domestic flights as well as for over 70 years it performs international flights. Since its establishment, the company showed great results and transformed the American airline travel industry into something really breathtaking. But what makes this airline to be the leading airline carrier performing international flights and, in particular, flights to one of the most popular destinations in the world – London?

Benefits to Fly with American Airlines Business Class

In our review of the American Airlines business class to London, we will consider the main advantages of traveling with American Airlines to London in business class. Everyday AA business class to London delivers hundreds of people at the destination point wanted. Such a great number of passengers who prefer traveling with this airline to one of the most popular European international destinations simply can’t be wrong.
Before the take-off when the passenger of first-class waits for his flight he can while away time in the Admirals Lounge – pre-flight area for the first class passengers and members of the Admirals Club. Among the amenities that wait for customers there are the following:

  • Snacks – the passenger can eat a little bit before the flight;
  • Made-to-order specialties – when need to wait for more than a few hours each client can enjoy the chefs’ level cuisine masterpieces
  • House drinks. Wanna some tea or coffee? By the way, stiff drinks there are also available;
  • Personal travel assistance is another convenient advantage of American Airlines. Passengers can appeal for flight-related questions and get the qualified immediate answers;
  • Shower suites. Opportunity to stay fresh is obligatory on the opinion of American Airlines, that is why when waiting for their flight, passengers can have rest and take a shower;
  • Business center – quiet as a library place with available computers to deal with immediate problems and businesses if needed when waiting for the flight.

General Information

Passengers will definitely like the amenities offered by the airline. One of the most pleasant conveniences about American Airlines is that when searching for the best business class seats to London by American Airlines customers can order tickets for their flights using services of Cheap First Class following this Link and consequently obtain a special discount.
Lounge and onboard services have much in common. High-quality services and tasty food with a wide selection of options during breakfast time and during the afternoon time. Passengers will have a chance to treat themselves with hard-boiled eggs with spice bars, oatmeal, cereal and spices, assorted fruits with yogurt, and also bagels & breakfast loaves of bread. During the breakfast, they can taste the hearty soups, fresh and healthy grain salads, vegetables, hummus & cheese, cookies with brownies during the afternoon. What can be better than tasty food when waiting for the international long-haul flight?

From Where Passengers can Fly to London

In our review about American Airlines business class to London, we consider best departure airports from where passengers can reach the capital city of Great Britain.

  • Review of American Airlines Business Class to London 1JFK International Airport – The first and one of the biggest departure points around the Earth that are connected with London by air is the biggest New York’s international airport named after John F. Kennedy. From this place, American Airlines perform regular flights of their wide-body jet airliners Boeing 777-200 series. Those who travel by the first class at JFK airport have access to the luxurious Flagship Lounge where there are numerous seating areas where passengers can eat out and chill out and forget about worries. Lounge zone offers such option as fruits, salads, variety of slices of bread, cream cheese, and also hot items like sausages, eggs, and potato. Those looking for some alcoholic drinks also won’t be disappointed as JFK offers a wide selection of prestigious beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. After boarding passengers can feel unbelievable comfort in one of the three possible cabin layouts. American Airlines business class to London seats located there can be of two types – first manufactured by Zodiac Aerospace and placed in alternating manner row-by-row, the second one manufactured by BE Aerospace. Anyway, in both cases, the passenger gets a comfortable business-class seat with plenty of free space for legs and also for a laptop with a 21-inches-long pull-out tray table to place your gadget. The seats themselves are 21-inches wide and 72-inches long with 8 inches of footrest space when the seat is transformed into the lying position. Among entertainments that passengers can find on board of the first-class flight to London is the in-flight entertainment screen that is attached to the divider and can be folded to watch when a passenger wants. Passengers can control his seat positioning and his monitor by special controls located conveniently within the passenger’s seat space. And finally, for those passengers who travel with gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc, there are USB ports and standard AC outlets to charge that equipment during the flight.
  • Review of American Airlines Business Class to London 2Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport – another beautiful departure center from which passengers can board on American Airlines 777 business class to London. Predominantly there are two types of aircraft that nowadays perform flights from this location to London’s airports. These are Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing 777-200 that honestly serve to American airlines flying purposes. When waiting for the boarding on their flights American Airlines passengers can enter the Admiral’s Lounge – available for every first and business class passenger traveling with American Airlines and buying his/her airline ticket with the help of Cheap First Class airline consolidator company. When at the lounge zone, passengers can experience the unique innovation of this place – “Guac Station” which is a snack bar, where hungry people can find some crispy snacks before the takeoff. Once entered the cabin of one of American Airlines business class aircraft from Dallas to London passengers can find a wide range of amenities free-to-try: blanket with duvet, a special kit (socks, eyeshade, earplugs, toothbrush, headphone covers, a pen and a towel) that is usually handed over to passengers right after the takeoff, menu to order something delicious during the flight, Bose headphones, and a bottle of water. Right after boarding cabin crew attendants will offer to passengers some beverages like orange juice or champagne. Also when getting ready for the flight can have the fresh edition of Dallas Morning News, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. During the flight, passengers can also use WIFI for personal needs, hence, the flight can be dedicated to comfortable work with burning projects right from the passenger’s personal laptop. However, when wanting to relax, passengers can also use monitors located right next to their seats to watch some movies or TV series. Onboard of AA to London passengers can find the self-service snack area where they can eat out what they want. The selection on offer is wide: fruits, yogurt, small dessert nibbles, vegetarian and ranch dip, marinated olives, cheese antipasto, crisps, popcorn, as well as cookies. Seats of Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing 777-200 boards used by American Airlines are slightly different. Both business and first-class seats have the lie-flat positioning however Boeing 777-200’s business class has 21.9-inches-wide seats whereas Boeing 777-300ER’s first-class has 21.5-inches-wide seats and business class has even smaller 20.5-inches-wide seats.
  • Review of American Airlines Business Class to London 3Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina performs flights to London using A330-300 boards that have a 1-2-1 seat orientation pattern. When unfolded these seats have a length of 80 inches with a width of 20.5 inches. When talking about the seat control panel – it is located beside the right armrest so that a passenger can easily reach it and control his seat position. Moreover, on contrary to the majority of airline carriers American Airlines locates all controllers, outlets, USB ports, reading light and headphone connection on the easy-to-reach surface that makes them accessible all long the flight. Also, board A330-300 has the convenient tray table that can be self-deployed to comfort oneself with a single finger touch. As the flip side of this convenience, the seat has almost no place for storage of personal items. All that is available – a slot under the side console where nothing bigger than phone and a wallet won’t fit. Among other amenities available for these board are small pillow and a quilt that can be used to comfort oneself and have some sleep during the long international flight from the US to Europe. Also, usual American Airlines provides its passengers with special headsets and an amenity kits that allow, listening to music, using earplugs, and the eyeshade to avoid light and noise when trying to sleep a bit.

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American Airlines Seats Comparison

When trying to find out which of the American Airlines business class seats to London is better to choose when preparing yourself for the long haul flight above the ocean, it would be great to know some information relating American Airlines seats parameters.

  • Airliner A231 – has two versions of the cabin. The first one has the 39-inches-long seat pitch and 21-inches seat width equipped with WIFI, seatback screen, and power outlets. The second one has seats of 36-inches seat pitch and same 21-inches width, also with seatback screen and power outlets;
  • Airliners A330-300 – have lie-flat seats with a width of 20.5 inches and a seetback screen along with power outlets in business class;
  • Boeings 777-300ER – have the lie-flat seats of 21.5 inches width with build in seatback screens with live TV, power outlets, etc. in first class and lie-flat seats of 20.5 inches width with build in seatback screens with live TV, and power outlets n business class;
  • Airliner Boeing 767 – has the same lie-flat 19.8-21.3-wide seats provided with additional Samsung tablet and power outlets;
  • Boeings 789-9 – also have lie-flat seats of 21-inches width with build-in seatback screen and a live TV in business class;
  • Airliners A330-200 – have the same seat parameters as Airliners A330-300 – however, the number of the business class seats was increases from 20 to 28 when compared with Airliners A330-300 series.

Choosing the Most Suitable Airliner

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Reasons to Fly with American Airlines

Review of American Airlines Business Class to London 4

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