Spain is simply beautiful for its geographical diversity – sunny archipelagos and noisy megalopolises, snow-capped mountains and sultry deserts bordering the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

For fans of bright holidays, there is a festival in Bilbao with a parade of life-size puppets and various competitions while all who prefer aesthetics get an inspiring architecture with a long history.

What’s Interesting in Spain?

Spain is interesting not only with beach holidays and football but also in the economic and business segments. For example, Madrid is one of the largest university cities in Europe, due to the huge number of business schools and universities. In addition, it is here that half of the world’s olive oil is produced.

Spain is the third wine producing country in the world, second only to France and Italy. Sea fishing and an abundance of fruit make it very attractive for gastronomic tourism.

The architecture of the cities of Spain is a whole separate topic. Old buildings neighbor along with futuristic projects such as the city of arts and sciences in Valencia, with the largest aquarium in Europe.

Business-Class Flights to Spain: a Review of the TOP 5 Airlines 1

Benefits of Flying in Best Business Class to Spain

Appreciate every minute of your trip. Choosing a business class, you won’t waste any time waiting in line and going through tedious checks, but will comfortably wait for your landing in the lounge area with free food and drinks.

Long flights are always better to take in a comfortable business-class chair, and if your flight is planned for the high season, accelerated registration and passport control for business class passengers will save you lots of nerves and time.

Business Class Airfare to Madrid

Before booking your tickets, be sure to check the differences between the business classes of different airlines because it can be striking.

Some companies offer the business class with comfortable seats and modern multimedia equipment while others only have a little more space between the seats than in the economy and the latest press. The smaller the airline, the more modest a business class it can offer.

Business-Class Flights to Spain: a Review of the TOP 5 Airlines

From Where You Can Fly to Spain (Routes)

Spain is interesting for tourists both from the nearest European countries and passengers from Asia or America.

Cheap business class flights to Madrid can be found from almost any corner of the world, as it has one of the busiest airports in Europe. There are direct flights to Madrid from cities such as Zurich, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Rome, London, and even Buenos Aires and Doha.

Madrid Terminal & Lounge & Check-In Review

There are 4 terminals available for passengers at Madrid-Barajas airport, each of which has its own business lounges Cibeles (terminal 1), Puerta de Alcala (terminal 2), Puerta Del Sol (terminal 3), Neptuno Lounge (terminal 4 Satellite), Plaza Mayor (Terminal 4).

Two lounges are open around the clock and offer a wide range of amenities that can be found on the airport website or Priority Pass.

Comparison Table for Each Business class

IBERIAAirEuropaLufthansaDeltaTurkish Airlines
planesAirbus A319 / A320/A320neo/A321Boeing 787
Airbus A330
Airbus A319/ A320/A320neo/A321/A321neo/A330/A340/A350/A380/
Boeing 747
Airbus A350/ A339
Boeing 777
Airbus A310/A319/ A320/ A321/ A330/A340
Boeing 737
Boeing 777
seatsThe central chair is free (in rows of 3), the distance between the rows is 74-76 cm,
the inner width of the chair is 43-45 cm
Boeing 787 has new lie-flat seats in the 2-2-2 configuration,
Airbus A330
has angled-flat seats in the 2-2-2 configuration
The central chair is free (in rows of 3),
the distance between the rows – 76-78 cm, the inner width of the chair 45 cm
The distance between the rows is 84 cm, the inner width of the chair is 46 cmThe distance between the rows is 85 cm, the inner width of the chair is 48 cm
comfort– individual reading light,
– a pocket on the back for storing personal belongings,
– a universal power connector, USB input for charging devices, listening and viewing content.
– leather chairs in a layout convenient for privacy,
-chairs are easy to fold out in bed.
– comfortable leather chairs,
– a pocket on the back for storing personal items.
-comfortable leather chairs and comfortable secluded places Delta One. On Airbus A350, A339 and some Boeing 777, there are Delta One Suites with full-size doors and partitions in the center of the suite– armchairs with built-in massage function, folding into a bed 193 cm long,
– reading lamp,
– a rotating table, a socket and the ability to protect personal space
amenitiesPress on board,
“Excellente” – a special magazine for business-class passengers
Music, movies and TV shows thanks to the presence of a 17-inch screen. Free Wi-Fi available for passengersSeat in the front rows, guaranteed free seat nearby,
wide selection of newspapers and magazines.
Additional baggage allowance,
Increased Miles Credit for frequent passengers
Additional baggage allowance
travel set TUMI, (eye mask, socks, lotion and lip balm LE LABO),
Additional baggage allowance
music, movies and TV shows via separate screens,
menuHot meals depending on the flight rangeHealthy meals & dishes from the famous Spanish chef Martin BerasateguiEven on short and medium-haul flights, full-fledged meals will be offered, served in refined china.The menu includes seasonal products, dishes from the chef served on decorated Alessi dishesPassengers can pre-select the main course on the website or in the airline’s mobile application before traveling.
enterteiments, services– Special reception desks,
– priority landing and disembarkation,
– Fast-track,
– VIP halls with areas of work and rest.
– VIP parking at the airports of Madrid and Barcelona
– Access to VIP lounges, priority boarding and passport control,
-increased bonus miles in Air Europa SUMA loyalty program.
– Faster passage of control,
– Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at the airport of departure,
Priority boarding
– Access to the club area of the airport,
– expedited procedure for registration, inspection, boarding and baggage Sky Priority,
– Delta One passengers board first.
– Separate reception
– expedited procedure for registration, inspection, boarding and baggage claim
– access to the VIP lounges of the airport,
– more miles with the Miles & Smile program

Making a Choice

When it comes to the individual review of best business class to Madrid, pay attention to all the additional services that airlines provide. Services such as VIP parking and airport transfers will solve your problems with finding a transport and arriving at the check-in time. If you have an appointment immediately after the flight or you want to enjoy Madrid immediately upon arrival, then you should not save on a comfortable flight and choose business class flights to Spain.
Business-Class Flights to Spain: a Review of the TOP 5 Airlines 5

How to Get a Ticket at the Best Price?

Superior seats, comfortable airport lounges with free meals, and priority boarding for business class clients are more affordable than you think.

Any traveler can find cheap business class tickets to Madrid, watching out for special offers from airlines, which often offer great sales and auctions.

Early travel planning and a flexible selection of dates will help you buy business class tickets to Madrid at the best price.

When planning your flight, avoid holidays and weekends before them. Due to increased demand, ticket prices are higher and there are long queues at airports even if you have a priority pass.

Choosing among dozens of airlines it is worth paying attention to delta business class to Madrid. This is one of the most popular companies with almost a century of history. An individual approach to passengers will surround you with care from the very beginning of your trip, helping you to resolve any issues that arise.

Business-Class Flights to Spain: a Review of the TOP 5 Airlines 6


Business class is the best choice for a comfortable trip, both on long and short flights. Comfortable places, access to the Internet and multimedia systems, makes it possible to work or watch new films during the flight.

When choosing a business class tickets to Madrid, pay attention to the most profitable options, not only for the price but also for the additional services that airlines offer. Appreciate your time and pleasant emotions from traveling.