Paris is a capital of France. It has always been associated with love and romance. Therefore, there are many couples, and also other interested people that flock to Paris each year. However, the prices in the USA are not really impressive sometimes. For example, the Economy flights can be $1,000, and the cheapest Business Class ticket from New York City can reach up to $2,500. But are there any alternatives regarding the best Business Class flights to Paris from the USA? Let’s discuss it.

What are the main reasons to choose the best airline? How to find best business class flights to Paris from the USA?

1. The total amount of money.
Everyone wants to save money, knowing the best business class fares to Paris from the USA. This rule is about flying in Business Class too. Of course, it is better to spend less on tickets and get a great comfort aboard, isn’t it?
2. Ignore forums.
Don’t look in forums before you buy a ticket. Why? Because most of all people who write there describe their wild experience, which is only occasional. They won’t tell the whole truth.
3. Remain flexible.
If you keep on being flexible on dates, your travel agent might offer you a reduction of price for the ticket. Sometimes you can save a lot, so note it.
4. Compare seats.
If you have difficulty deciding which carrier to choose, visit their website. There, you may find the difference between the level of comfort aboard such as in-flight entertainment, food and drinks, and comfortable seats.
5. Purchase tickets at the best time.
It is not a secret that the lowest prices for the tickets are between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon, so keep it in mind.

What does the best Business Class airline include?

First and foremost, the best Business Class includes comfortable seats. There is always access to Wi-Fi, and sockets for laptop or iPad. The amenity kit includes all the necessary things beginning with toothpaste and finishing with socks. The food and beverages are fresh, well-designed, and of course, delicious. There is an in-flight entertainment system, which is easy-to-navigate. All things considered, Business Class is already not a Premium Economy Class, but not yet the First Class, meaning, it is quite cozy there. Therefore, let’s consider looking at business class to Paris from the USA reviews.
Let’s find, however, the best airlines, according to these evaluation criteria:
1. Seats.
Each airline can offer its own level of comfort, meaning, that the seats differ from one carrier to another. Some of the seats, for example, may be new or old, new- or old-fashioned, cozy or not very comfortable.
2. Food and drinks.
The menu on each airline represents the best examples of native cuisine. However, some of them may be either tasty and fresh, or disgusting and spoiled. The way food is served matters too.
3. Extra features and other options.
The entertainment system is also very important aboard because the passengers have a lot of extra time to spend, but often do not know how to spend it. Also, the ability to have a snack at the snack bar at night might be very important too.

So what about best airlines to flight to Paris from the USA?
Here is a list of top 5 airlines for you to scrutinize and choose the best:

1. Airfrance.

– The seat is made for you to get maximum comfort. You can transform it in just a few seconds into a flatbed to 2 m / 6.5 ft in length. Using seat controls, you are able to easily find the necessary position.
– The dining is very special there. The culinary journey begins with a glass of champagne. The service, called “à la française” or French style, allows you to personalize dining by choosing the meal you like in advance.
– There is a personal screen for you to enjoy the entertainment lineup. Meaning, you have 500 hours of varied programming available, if you wish.
Summary: Airfrance cares about your personal tastes and preferences. It’s good for gourmets and demanding passengers.

2. American Airlines.

– You have a possibility to relax and have more space in a legroom in a Business Class. The complimentary pillows and blankets will make you feel comfortable during the flight.
– As for meals, you may choose from the large menu in the Business Class. Additionally, you are able to pair your meal with American Airlines’ award-winning wines.
– Enjoy priority privileges like speed check-in as well as five-star service during the departure, connection and also arrival in the selected markets.

Summary: You will definitely enjoy the comfort of the American Airlines carrier. Note that the service at the airport is good as well.

3. British Airways.

– The configuration on British Airways is two-for-two, which is ideal for the couples. The amenity kit includes all the necessary things like a sleep mask, pen, toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, and a lip balm that come up in handy.
– The food is well-presented and delicious.
– The lounge is such a peaceful place to wait in.

Summary: It is very comfortable to fly on British Airways Business Class because the seat has a button to recline up and down. Besides, the food is fantastic.

4. Delta.

– Each seat has a sliding door. The overhead bins are in the center section, making feels the cabin is less spacious. The configuration of seats is 1-2-1.
– The overwhelming majority of passengers claim that the dishes are fresh and tasty.
– There are two USB ports that charge very fast.

Summary: Delta is a great carrier for those who prefer privacy and are very busy all the time.

5. United.

– The seat is new and extra-spacious. It features a six-way adjustable headrest, beautifully contoured two-tone leather, and a padded articulating seat cushion.
– United cooperates with a team of renowned chefs to provide you with refreshed and restaurant-quality dining aboard.
– You may stay entertained with 100 channels of live television and also a selection of new movies.

Summary: United is one of the best business class airlines to Paris from the USA for those who enjoy not only comfort but the design too. Also, entertainment is of high quality.
All in all, hope that reviews of business class airlines to Paris from the USA helped you a lot. Anyway, many people, many minds. It is difficult to claim that one airline is significantly different from the other one, and stands out.  But if you have specific demands you may visit the official website of each of the aircraft and decide whether you need it or not.  Wish you to enjoy your voyage time. Have a great day!