Flying from the USA to Frankfurt might be either exciting or a mess, and it’s you to decide. Shocked? Some of the airlines that offer their service of great quality, while the others are not that good. But isn’t it better to be aware of the level of service in advance and make up your mind before you step on a board of the plane when you cannot change anything? Therefore, you are here. Let’s find the answers to your questions now, and prevent yourself from any upcoming troubles.

What are the reasons to choose the best airline?

1. Price.
According to Skyscanner, 37% of passengers claim that the price of the ticket was the most important factor when choosing this or that airline. If you are on a tight budget, choose cheaper airlines, but note that the baggage allowances there will be rather low.
2. Convenience.
The vast majority of airlines offer in-flight entertainment, which is such an important factor when traveling with kids. If your flight is long-haul, then it’s better to choose the airline with comfortable reclinable seats. The access to Wi-Fi matters too.
3. Service.
Of course, if the boarding staff consists of nervous and angry stewards or stewardesses, the flight will be horrible. Therefore, in order to prevent yourself from awkward situations, read the forums. Some of the passengers prefer to leave their feedback there for other people not to become a victim.
4. Safety.
It’s normal that you might want to know which airline is the most reliable. The information about the crash rate you may find visiting This will help you get to know more about the best Business Class flights to Frankfurt from the USA.

What does the best Business Class airline include?

1. Seats.
It is important, what is the configuration of seats. For example, if you travel in a couple, the 2-4-2 configuration will be perfect for you. This is because you won’t have to fly separately.
2. Dining.
Yeah, nice food and drinks can bring us a lot of positive emotions. However, it’s worth mentioning that not every airline provides you with delicious food, according to the frequent flyers. So, you would rather read this article more carefully.
3. Extra features.
There are some options, which only this or that airline is ready to give you. This may be the access to snack bars at night, pajamas, and slippers, etc.

What are the evaluation criteria?

When choosing between the airlines, you may consider these 12 criteria: safety rating; product rating; passenger reviews; operating profit; fleet age; the presence or absence of premium economy; the presence or absence of flat beds in Business Class; environmental report; industrial issues; investment grade rating; serious incidents.
So let’s find the best airlines to Frankfurt from the USA now. Ready?

What are the best Business Class airlines to Frankfurt from the USA?

Let’s glance over the Business Class to Frankfurt from the USA reviews:
1. Singapore Airlines.
This airline is well-known for its elegant facilities and service. You can rely on their comfortable seats at any time.
– The seats feature handcrafted leather loungers, which extend to two meters if laid flat. Therefore, the sleeping on these seats is very easy. However, if you would like to stay awake, there is a lot of places to relax or work, because the seats feature a width of about 85cm. There is also an LCD screen, which is the 45cm. Besides, you may enjoy the non-stop on-demand entertainment system, that won’t let you get bored during the whole flight.
– On Singapore Airlines you have a possibility to book the menu up to 24 hours before the departure. There are plenty of delicious food and wines to impress you during the flight. For instance, you may choose from over 60 dishes.
– Speaking about extra features, it is worth mentioning Singapore’s award-winning service. The staff aboard is hospitable and excellent. At the airport, you are able to expect premier lounge access and fast-track services.

Summary: Singapore Airlines offer the best first class seats for the price of Business Class seats.

2. Lufthansa.
Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe. It is one of the top 10 airlines, rated by Skyscanner. Actually, this company is located in Frankfurt.
– If you come to the airport, you will have a lounge access, if you are a Business Class flyer. Once you are aboard, you may turn your seats into a flatbed. Each seat features a touchscreen with 300 TV programs, 200 films, and a vast music library.
– If you enter the plane, the flight attendant will provide you with a drink and hand you a menu for the flight. The selection of food in a menu changes every two months to keep it fresh for all passengers. Also, the food and drinks are of restaurant quality.
– As for extra features, it must be said that Lufthansa provides its passengers with doctors available each time aboard. Besides, there are exercises and videos to help you make your flights more comfortable.

Summary: All in all, Lufthansa is the best Business Class for healthcare and comfort.

3. Delta Air Lines.
Delta Air Lines has one of the best services than any of the North American airline. The most outstanding things the carrier offers are sliding doors and suite-like seats.
– The seats of Delta are laid out in the Herringbone style, meaning, those by the window are exclusively private. Of course, there is an amenity bag to help you get prepared for the sleep, and headphones to enjoy in-flight entertainment.
– Once you are aboard, you get a glass of champagne. The food is, however, poorly designed, but the taste is impressive.
– The service is consistently gracious, and also the staff is attentive. There is access to Wi-Fi, and its price is quite affordable.

Summary: Delta Air Lines is one of the best Business Class airlines to Frankfurt from the USA, but its food needs to be redesigned.


To sum up, looking over the reviews of Business Class airlines to Frankfurt from the USA, you may grab the main idea each carrier presents. Delta, Lufthansa, and Singapore are the three best airlines to help you get to your place of destination if only you didn’t change your mind in deciding to fly somewhere else. Wish you to have a great time aboard. Have a wonderful day!