Wonder which airline to choose to get to Asia in Business Class? Skytrax is a website that releases every year a list of the best airlines that travel to Asia. We reviewed it and ready to inform you about that. Interested?

5. Asiana

The lounge zone of Asiana is large, beautiful, and broad. The selection of food and drinks is diverse. On each side of the bar, there are self-serve drink stations with soda fountains, wine, snack mix, etc.
The seat configuration is 1-2-1, which is perfect for couples. There are 17 rows, 66 flatbed seats. Bed length is 80.4/74.5 -Width: 21.3.
The seat is very spacious. There is enough space for feet. Besides, there are many storage compartments where you can put your laptop, bag, and shoes.
The privacy is very good in these seats. Especially, if you are sitting in an “inner” window.
Shortly after settling in, the guests are offered some welcome drinks. The hot towels are provided. The video screen is very nice and big in Asiana carrier.
The amenity kit features all the basics, including a toothbrush, hand lotion, eye mask, socks, and tissues. Also, you are provided with slippers and noise-canceling headphones.
There are seat controls and entertainment system touch-screen remote.
Flipping through the menu, there are two options: Western and Korean. If you choose Western, you will be able to taste braised beef with assorted mushroom or grilled orange roughy or mushroom cannelloni. If you choose Korean, you may try a famous Korean cuisine “Bibimbap”.
In front of the cabin, there is a small lounge with four seats. Also, there is a large monitor across from it near the cabin.
Why Asiana?-
The seat is roomy with plenty of space.
-The dining is great with many food and drinks options.
-The entertainment system is good and easy-to-operate.

4. Thai Airways

The check-in is done within a few seconds. The atmosphere in the lounge is very nice. You might also have a shower before a departure.
The Business Class color of the cabin is very beautiful purple. The seat offers great privacy and lots of storage place. The side bins are great for storage of personal items.
A glass of Brut, water, and a hot towel are provided by the crew, which is very friendly and attentive from the first moment.
The configuration of seats is 1-2-1. The mood lighting is really great. The way the table is stored is good too because it saves a lot of space. You can also push it away when eating if you want to stand up. That can be very useful.
Thai’s headphones are ok, but they aren’t noise-canceling.The amenity kit is provided by Furla. It includes brush & comb, slumber shade, earplugs, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lip balm, body lotion, and slippers.
The menu offers Thai and Western choice. For instance, as for Thai, you may order seared scallops on lemon confit and Waldorf salad, poached prawn on pea puree, chicken in coconut galangal soup, stir-fried eggplant with sweet basil, steamed jasmine rice.  As for Western cuisine, you may ask for roasted beef with Pommery mustard sauce, grilled herb salmon and lemon beurre Blanc sauce with caper and black olive.
Each seat has a fluffy pillow and a thick duvet. You can control every part of the seat separately.
Why Thai?
The excellent crew, which is very friendly.
– Delicious food and amazing drinks.
– Comfortable seat with a soft pillow and blanket.

3. Garuda Indonesia

The check-in area is awesome. The food at the Garuda Indonesia lounge buffet is beautifully presented. There is a foot massage device here, which is fantastic.
The Business class has a 2-2-2 configuration. The hot towel is handed in right after you sit down and is followed by a little welcome drink.
There are various storage compartments as well as universal power outlets. The table is right in there. The seat control panel is on the right. Also, there is a remote control for the in-flight entertainment system and headphones. Besides, there is a USB-port and a reading light. What is more, the seat may go to the 165-degree position if you are planning to sleep.
The food and beverages are very delicious. Perhaps, this is because they have a team of chefs (a chef from Bali, a chef from Amsterdam, a chef from Jakarta, a chef from Hong Kong, and more). The selection of drinks is very great. For instance, you may order an Australian Chardonnay, Castelnau champagne (2005), a French Chablis, an Australian Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia.
The presentation of the food is beautiful. Note that dessert is served with the main course. This service is called “express meal” and is usually ordered by passengers who prefer a quick lunch. Also, on Garuda, the client decides when he or she wants to eat.
The in-flight entertainment system is good with a wide selection of movies and TV series.
Why Garuda Indonesia?
– The presentation and taste of food and drinks are fabulous.
– The time of dining is chosen by a client.
– The seat is comfortable.
– Great lounge.
– Friendly and engaging crew.

2. Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines lounge is probably one of the best lounges among all the international airlines. They have a great food selection, a couple of coffee machines, and a lot of beverages. The lounge features a business center with a printer and Internet access. The seating there offer a lot of privacy, so you don’t get bothered and don’t bother others. If you happen to need a little bit of rest, the lounge offers massage, armchairs, and some places where you can have a rest.
The seat is 1-2-1 configuration. Hainan airlines feature a sky chef and international crew. Shortly after take-off, you are given an amenity kit, including a toothbrush, socks, earpads, and Bvlgari amenities. And of course, on top of that, you are given some slippers and pajama.
Right after a takeoff, the meal service is started. Meaning, you will definitely get something really good to eat. Also, you are provided with noise-canceling headphones, the sound quality of which is great. Every seat features seat controls, which are really straightforward and a remote control that helps operate the screen in front of you. The only thing you may dislike is the lack of storage space. There is a tray table for food and drinks. The dining is very good and it tastes delicious. Moreover, the frequent flyers claim that their food is a five-star food.
The entertainment system is not really good, however. This is because they have a little bit of choice of movies, which is not that good in comparison with other five-star carriers. Meaning, there is a lot of room for improvement. All in all, Hainan Airline is the best airline in China.
Why Hainan Airlines?
-The food is outstanding.
-The service is perfect with an international crew.
-The seats are very comfy with a lot of privacy.

1. Emirates

Check-in is done easily with Emirates and professionally by the ground crew. Emirates has its own lounge and knows exactly how to treat you well. In the lounge, there is a small buffet with a great choice of food and beverages. Also, the lounge is really bright and friendly for those who like to eat traditionally at a table.
Each seat has enough space for getting a comfortable flight. There is a place for the feet and for the shoes. There is an additional storage room for personal items.
When you are aboard, a champagne welcome drink is offered. Each seat features fancy window shades to protect from the sunlight. The in-flight entertainment system is great. There is a small in-seat screen pad so that you can control the large screen from here or directly with your fingers on the large screen. You can choose games, movies, or TV shows, and more.
Emirates provides you with socks, eyeshades, and noise-canceling headphones. There is also an in-seat minibar, which is awesomely neat. Each seat features two screens and the third screen inside the remote control. Another pretty awesome thing is the bar behind the Business cabin. It is a great spot to socialize with other passengers, get a drink or two, or just hang out with a camera.
The food and beverage selection is rather good too. As for the main course, for instance, you may choose prawn machbous, grilled chicken, lamb Emmenthaler style. The bathroom is quite nice and clean.
Why Emirates?
– Wonderful lounge.
– A lot of legroom space.
– Plenty of storage room.
– Delicious food and beverages.
– Awesome in-flight entertainment.

Final word

All these airlines mentioned above, offer a great service. Each one of them provides with all the essential things needed for a great time aboard. Either Asiana, Thai Airways, Emirates, Garuda Indonesia, or Hainan Airlines are worth being selected to fly to Asia. This means that you will definitely enjoy the time on the plane, according to Skytrax website. However, you may also try other airlines, but it might be a rather challenging experience. Wish you to enjoy these trusted carriers and have a safe flight!